A system-of-systems marketplaces


In the Industry of Things World 2016 conference Prof Michael Porter from Harvard Business School spoke  how smart, connected Products are transforming the competition and companies. Porter also explained in his Harvard Business Review online article how smart, connected products are the precondition to develop new system capabilitiues like monitoring, controlling, optimization, autononmous decision making.

What does it mean for the logistrics/transport industry? The first step of digitalization of the transport assets was to add diagnostics functions for maintenance. With the sensorization and wireless communication of the trucks, trains and ships real time informormation like geolocation, temperature, shock can be send to telematic solutions.

Todays telematics solutions limited connect the stakeholders in the intermodal transport supply chain.

  1. Assets for freight transport
    • Trucks
    • Freight Cars and Locomotives
    • Ships
  2. Diagnostics
    • Bus Systems
  3. Telematics Solutions (Today)
  4. Optimazation of the Supply Chain for combined transport
  5. Development of an System of Systems
    • aggregating different information sources (wheater, traffic, delays in the time tables)
    • based on this real-time information the operators can make better decisions
    • optimize the whole supply chain

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