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Numerous marketplaces are existing in today’s world and each year a new one is born. However not a single marketplaces aggregates and connects all modes of transport, being the road, rail, air and waterways. To keep an eye on the market evolution, we are presenting the following marketplaces to you today:

catkin networks companies and job details to facilitate collaboration in the intermodal freight process. It is an interesting supply chain platform for already known participants.

FreightFilter compares pricing from air, ocean and road freight carriers. The Freight Filter platform matches the shipment with the optimal carrier to find the best price and service combination. Train Freight and the inter-modal mix is missing on this online platform.

Customers of Flexport can request and book shipments, track the freight movements in real-time and globally, manage product data, visualise the supply chain, and visualise analytics. The platform is mainly focused on transports between USA and China via ocean and air freight. Road carriers are integrated for the last mile while train carriers are excluded. The shipment demands and offers are not visible to the public.

TRACK.Agheera Telematics Platform is the IT system to transform the raw asset tracking & monitoring data to business relevant information like a visualisation of tracked assets and numerous functionalities like geo-fencing, report & business rule generation(inventory reports, movement report, alerting & notifications etc.). Services include mounting and dismounting of hardware, device management and maintenance, SIM card management and 24/7 customer support. The solutions offer real-time monitoring of temperature and notification about breaches of given ranges during transport processes. Train carriers are missing. Agheera is a 4PL provider limited to the road for one customer.

Fargo Systems 
The Spanish freight forwarder solution provider FARGO pursues to transfer an advanced concept to a traditionally industrial sector such as international multi-modal transport of freights. Rather than providing just another track and trace vertical solution like most competitor does, FARGO sells vendor independent services and is an integration platform. Especially the online collaboration feature optimise the communication between the participants in the complex supply chain of the inter-modal freight transport.

The Cargo-Monitor shows current cargoes. In the Capacity-Monitor you’ll find available waggons, locomotives and train slots. Customers need to register. Railcargo offers a list with very limited filtering options and has no visualisation functions.

Trailer Asset platform with tracking devices as the white labelled solution. Offering the service in North America only. No Marketplace for free capacities.

A Combined Transport Operator with limited terminals and tracks and innovative freight waggons.

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