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Hannover Messe, April 2016, the exhibition booth of Telekom is packed with people, but what are they all looking for? Telekom is presenting the digitalization strategy for their industrial customers. The German telecommunications conglomerate announced a Cloud-of-Things Starterkit for a target price of 200€. The market launch of this new product is anticipated for mid 2016 and will give customers the functionality to monitor machines and other assets remotely.

The developed sensors can measure humidity, temperature and location. Users will be able to define thresholds for each value. If the sensor reaches the pre-defined value, an information is sent out to the mobile gateway. The data will be stored and visualized in a dashboard in the Telekom Cloud-of-Things online platform. The starterkit should enable new business models in the young Internet-of-Things (IoT) market and serve as a catalyst for innovative IoT services and solutions.


Telekom Cloud-of-Things Starter kit

T-Systems offers services and consulting to develop use cases for the IoT Market. Furthermore the T-Mobile division expects a rising demand of M2M data SIM contracts and leverages their mobile network in Europe.

For Cumulocity, it all began in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, CA in 2010. At this time Nokia Siemens Networks started with an innovative Software-as-a-Service project based on cloud technology and targeted for the M2M (Machine to Machine) market. Cumulocity stands for fast cloud solutions: Cumulocity – a compound word of ‘Cumulus’ (“Cloud”) and ‘Velocity’. The firm offers a very interesting IoT platform to track assets like containers and trailers with various tracking devices and an open interface to integrate already existing equipment and interface with legacy ERP systems.

Cumulocity IoT Platform

Cumulocity IoT Platform

Anssi Kariola, Managing Partner of VersoVentures, who invested in Cumolocity stated in a recent interview:”The Nokia Siemens Networks technology heritage is a great foundation for future growth and scalability, and the team has a strong track record of successfully working with multi-national customers. Cumulocity is well placed to compete in the rapidly developing M2M market.”

High Tech Gründer Fund is also optimistic about the further development of Cumulocity. Investment Manager Benjamin Erhart adds: „We are convinced that the company has significant growth potential due to its know-how and the exciting market environment. We are happy to support this team as it we see a growing M2M-opportunity.”

In addition to the partnership with Cumulocity, Telekom presented a container tracking solution, that was implemented with the liner shipping company Deutsche-Afrika-Linien (DAL).  In this project Hirschmann demonstrated it’s autarkic asset tracking sensor. The tracking device cost around 200€ with an incredible long battery lifetime and integrated solar panel.

Hirschmann Asset Tracking Devices

Hirschmann Asset Tracking Device


To compare a similar solution we invite you to explore the article on relayr’s IoT platform and the XDK sensor by Bosch.


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