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IMPARGO was founded in May 2017 and has already build serval applications for freight forwarders. This year the firm has launched the first free online truck route planner which includes a toll calculator named Mautex. Gerhard Hänel, the founder and MD of IMPARGO explains “In addition to route planning for trucks, the costs for tolls and a complete vehicle cost calculation can be displayed.”

“However, the free IMPARGO Cargo Apps can do much more,” elaborates Gerhard further. “At the same time, the combination of route planning, cost calculation, and user-friendliness makes it possible to use the Cargo Apps in live operations without previous knowledge or costly IT integration. And the forecast mode offers a special functionality for the toll extension on German federal roads valid from July 1. Toll costs, that can no longer be viewed in the onboard unit as of 1 July, can thus be calculated and forecasted quickly and easily.”

IMPARGO Product Tour; Courtesy of IMPARGO GmbH

For cars, route planning with online services such as Google Maps has become a free commodity. The startup IMPARGO is of the opinion that this should also apply to trucks and is working hard to provide customers with the IMPARGO Cargo Apps. These are free web applications, that freight planners can use to work more efficiently in their daily operations.

Among the first users is the Schroeder Group, a medium-sized specialist for national and international transport.  “The Cargo Apps make scheduling work faster and more efficient. The combination of route planner and cost calculator convinced both me and my planners,” reports Alexander Busche, Managing Partner of the Schroeder Group, in an interview with trans aktuell. He also points out the intuitive operability.

If you register with your e-mail address and a password, you will currently find two solutions there: On the one hand, there is the quote calculator called Quotex. The aim here is to standardize the bidding process. Whether calculating the costs for a tour or pricing with a pre-defined target margin – the web app comes with several functionalities. On the other hand, there is the Mautex toll calculator. This involves a toll cost forecast for the DACH region and parts of Eastern Europe. The solution also takes into account special tolls for bridges and tunnels.

Looking into future plans, Hänel announces that the functionality of the Cargo Apps will be constantly developed further. For example, the calculation of tolls is to be extended. France will soon be taken into account accordingly. Other countries are to follow. In this way, Impargo is gradually approaching the goal of a comprehensive planning wizard.

IMPARGO raffles 3 new iPads among the first 1,000 registrations. So go and register now!

As the company’s MD and founder, Gerhard Hänel is responsible for the commercial and technical development of IMPARGO. He holds a Diplom in economics and engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Prior to IMPARGO, Gerhard was a consultant at 4flow, optimizing supply chains.

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