Catkin – A software to manage rail freight efficiently


Catkin’s innovative logistic software enables the integration of all involved stakeholders along the combined transport supply chain. Founded in 2013 and based out of Dortmund, the company mainly focuses on business process analysis and modeling, software development and integration as well as automation of job processing. Today, thousands of jobs are efficiently and reliably processed through the portal for the planning and steering of shipments across companies and traffic carriers.

catkin GmbH develops and implements tailored software solutions. The goal is to increase efficiencies within logistic processes and reduce costs for customers and contractors. catkin’s software platform integrates relevant companies involved in planning and operating the CT supply chain and enables system-independent communication.

Benefits in a nutshell:

1. Clearly structured and transparent job processing – from order placement to response
2. Integration of all partners collaborating as a network in the supply chain into the communications portal
3. Real-time process monitoring
4. Continuous quality and cost control
5. GPS tracking and matching of transit times
6. Effective exception management to relieve workloads at management level and to motivate staff
7. No development work required, short implementation times, simple and intuitive operation
8. Interfacing to existing logistics software and ERP systems easily possible at all times

catkin team
catkin team from left to right: Patrick Bley, Key Account Manager; Geert-Jan Gorter, CIO; Christian Krüger, CEO

For terminal operators, combined transport operators or logistic firms catkin can be a supplier of choice. “Today the software portal covers the most relevant requirements, that lead to a digitalized supply chain”, says CEO Christian Krüger in a recent interview for “Logistik für Unternehmen”. He continues: “Catkin connects freight forwarders and logistic services firms on a marketplace and enables a flawless operation of supply chain process across different modes of transport”.

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