Cargobeamer expands to Calais


Cargobeamer France SAS has acquired an area of around six hectares in the Z.A.C. de La Turquerie industrial estate directly on the motorway. The company has contractually agreed with the city of Calais that it will provide the road and rail connections. This laid the contractual basis for the cargo beamer terminal, according to the announcement. The 18 automated Cargobeamer gate modules are to be built directly in front of the port and the Eurotunnel. According to the data, up to 900 semi-trailers will then be loaded and unloaded daily on rail wagons.

All types of Cargobeamer trailers can be used by crane. The semi-trailers reach Calais by rail from major industrial and logistics centers on the European continent.

The CEO of Cargobeamer AG, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weidemann, is convinced that this will reduce the burden on roads and the environment throughout Europe: “For us, today’s contract is a special milestone in the development of a European network with efficient handling facilities and environmentally friendly transport routes for logistics companies in Europe. It should relieve the road network in Europe and the environment at the same time.”

According to Natacha Bouchart, President of Grand Calais Terres & Mers, Mayor of Calais and Vice-President of the Hauts de France region, “the establishment of Cargobeamer is a major step for Calaisis and for the region towards an environmentally friendly and quiet transport of goods by rail.

Calais is currently the most important logistics hub between Great Britain and Europe. Every day around 8,000 semi-trailers cross the English Channel by ferry or Eurotunnel, with an upward trend. The port’s capacity is to be increased by 2020.

The Cargobeamer Group is a logistics service provider in combined road-rail transport based in Leipzig. With the company’s own technology consisting of rail wagons and handling terminals as well as logistics and disposition software, all standard truck semitrailers can travel by rail, without additional conversions and reinforcements on the semi-trailers, without driver and tractor, without Sunday and public holiday restrictions and with four tons more payload per journey.


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