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Florian drives a deep interest for trains, transportation, and innovation. He has been working and researching in the field of combined transportation since 2010. In various roles at Bombardier Transportation, Florian was involved in building train systems for Munich, Bangkok, and Brisbane. Florian holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from ESB Reutlingen and a Master of Science in Management from ESCP Europe.41 Articles

Matthias looks back on a career as solution architect & developer with 20 years in the industry. Matthias worked as a senior expert in innovation management for Bombardier Transportation and build a strong expertise on digitalization topics such as Industrial IoT, predictive analytics & industrial cyber security. He enjoys leading cross-functional innovation communities and actively contributed to EU funded R&D programs.15 Articles

Sri is a telecommunication expert with 10 years experience in mobile communication and railway business. Sri has started off his career as a RF planning and optimisation engineer for a large telecommunication vendor. During this time, he has gained a deep understanding of cellular technologies. At Bombardier Transportation, Sri has been mainly focusing on next generation wireless solutions for the railway applications.1 Articles

Kaspar is an engineer at heart with a passion for public transport. He studied craftsmanship, science, and engineering. He has been working in science, IT and consulting. Currently, Kaspar is a teacher.